Flemish SDG indicators are online!

5 mars 2019

A set of 205 local SDG indicators are presented by The Association of Flemish Cities and Municipalities (VVSG). The set is designed in a user friendly Excel-tool and is accompanied by a manual which describes how the indicators can be used to monitor the objectives and actions in the new municipal strategic plans.

Belgium had local elections in October 2018 and the Flemish municipalities are currently in the process of drawing up their strategic plans for the new governing term. In 2017, VVSG launched an SDG pilot project in which 20 Flemish municipalities develop and experiment with tools and methods for integrating the SDGs in local policy.

The set of indicators is the newest in a series of tools that are being developed in the context of the pilot project. The indicators are tailored to the context of Flemish municipalities, but can be a source of inspiration for other local authorities who are looking for indicators to monitor their efforts for the SDGs.

More informationhttp://www.vvsg.be/sites/sdgs/Paginas/documents.aspx


Publication ‘Learning about impact’ about evaluating city-to-city link programmes

VVSG has also published a publication that describes the results of a learning process on monitoring and evaluation. During this project, 8 Flemish municipalities experimented with various methods for monitoring and evaluating the results of international city-to-city link projects (e.g. outcome mapping, Most Significant Change).

The publication is available in Dutch, English, French and Spanish.

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