The “Local authorities Charter for gender equality in Africa” is getting drafted

1 juillet 2019

This was an outcome of the 8th Africities Summit in Marrakech (Morocco) last November: the first meeting of the Drafting Committee for the “Local authorities Charter for gender equality in Africa” is meeting  in Paris on 4 July 2019.

This gathering of technical experts and elected representatives from Europe and Africa, taking place at the Town Hall of Paris 3rd district, is part of the implementation of the Africa-Europe Marrakesh Pact for Local Equality » that was adopted and signed at the 8th edition of the Africities summit last November. The pact is the fruit of an ongoing cooperation between CEMR-PLATFORMA, UCLG Africa, the Network of Local Elected Women in Africa (REFELA) and UCLG.

The Pact aims to produce a « Local Authorities Charter for Gender Equality in Africa », in line with the gender equality commitments made at the level of the African continent and at the international level. The Paris meeting of the Drafting Committee is one of two activities planned by CEMR-PLATFORMA to strengthen cooperation between the European and African networks of elected women, facilitate mutual learning and share the experience of CEMR and the European elected representatives in drafting and adopting the European Charter for the Equality of Women and Men in Local Life.

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