Local governments of South East Europe join forces for inclusion of minorities and vulnerable groups

1 février 2023

Around 50 participants representing municipalities and NGOs as well as national level institutions from five economies in the Western Balkan region including representatives from the Federal State of Schleswig-Holstein, Germany and GIZ offices, participated in the regional Conference on “Models for inclusion of minorities and vulnerable groups in the Western Balkans – Sharing of expertise and recommendations for improved policy-making” on 17-18 January 2023 in Skopje (North Macedonia).

The participants were officials from municipalities, representatives of local stakeholders and practitioners who participated actively in the systematic know-how transfer of successful social approaches of previous and ongoing project measures dedicated to the inclusion of minorities and vulnerable groups in the region.

The regional conference marked a halt for further critical reflection  about the experience hitherto acquired by its target group, the usefulness of the know-how transferred and its application at work, as well as challenges and opportunities in promoting social inclusion concepts and best practice examples, should provide thoughts and recommendations.

The ouput of this regional event were twofold:

  • It provided added value to be taken into consideration for continued efforts in social inclusion and policy-making at local level in coordination with relevant state actors in the field of social, cultural and economic human rights and inclusion of vulnerable groups.
  • It highlighted the importance of close coordination and cooperation between central state and local government level to jointly contribute to the efficient and effective implementation of inclusion/diversity policy to reach the vulnerable groups and their specific needs identified in a whole of society approach.

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