Mayors mobilise in New York to accelerate the implementation of the Global Goals

15 septembre 2023

Over the weekend, a dozen of European mayors and local and regional leaders are taking part to the SDG “Mobilisation” and “Acceleration” days in New York, ahead of the 2023 SDG Summit that will take place on 18-19 September.

This year SDG Summit marks the mid-point of the implementation of the 2030 Agenda. This will be the second one since the adoption of the 2030 Agenda in September 2015.

The local and regional delegation will focus on announcing new commitments towards bringing SDG implementation back on track, as well as highlighting high-impact localisation policies, coalitions, and partnerships for the goals currently in place and localisation needs and challenges.

The Global Task Force of Local and Regional Governments (led by UCLG and where CEMR and PLATFORMA are represented), UN-DESA, UN-Habitat, UNDP and Local 2030 joined forces to give a voice to local and regional leaders during this SDG Action weekend.

Among the European local and regional elected officials are:

  • Juan Maria Aburto, Mayor of Bilbao, Spain, Basque Country,
  • Francisco Javier Ayala Ortega, Mayor of Fuenlabrada, Spain, President of International Relations at FEMP
  • Chokri Badreddine, Deputy Mayor of Voiron, Education, youth and early childhood, Auvergne Rhone-Alpes Regional Councillor, France, Cités Unies France
  • Sharon Dijksma, Mayor of Utrecht, the Netherlands, Chairman of VNG
  • Carola Gunnarson, Mayor of Sala, Sweden, Vice President of UCLG & CEMR, CEMR Spokesperson on International Affairs
  • Clare Hart, Vice President of Montpellier Metropole, France, Cités Unies France
  • Eider Inunciaga, City Councillor of Bilbao for Euskera, Public Services, Civic Engagement, 2030 Agenda, and Internationalisation, Spain, Basque Country
  • Carlos Martínez Mínguez, Mayor of Soria, Spain, FEMP, CEMR Vice-President, CEMR Spokesperson – Urban Development
  • Benoît Pilet, Deputy Mayor of Angers, Europe and International, Vice-President of Cités Unies France
  • Unai Telleria, Delegate of the Basque Country to the United States
  • Tiit Terik, Deputy Mayor of Tallinn, Estonia, UCLG Congress member, ELVL
  • André Viola, Member of the Departmental Council of Aude, Cités Unies France
  • Andreas Wolter, Vice Mayor of Cologne, Germany, RGRE

In the different panels, the delegation will share the 7 recommendations of CEMR-PLATFORMA annual study on the localisation of the SDGs which collects data from 41 associations of local and regional governments from greater Europe.


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