Nouvelle-Aquitaine (France)-Plateau Central (Burkina Faso): So’faso

30 janvier 2018

PLATFORMA has decided to reward the best city to city and region to region international cooperation projects. Twelve projects have been shortlisted out of 25 applications. This is how the Nouvelle-Aquitaine region (France) is presenting its project with the Plateau Central region (Burkina Faso):

So’Faso is a three years programme. It aims at promoting economic development and employment, along with exchanges between actors of both regions. The programme relies on three axes:

  • The support to sustainable economic development, with the establishment of a chamber of commerce and industry in the Plateau central region and an “initiatives” platform supporting business creation with a 0% loan without guarantees.
  • The fight against Climate Change, with the support to waste management, forest areas, water management and sanitation and sustainable energies development.
  • The support to local governance, with trainings of local elected representatives and experts, along with the creation of a civil society organisation advisory council.

Each activity is supported by experts from Nouvelle Aquitaine: Chamber of commerce, Initiatives Platform, CSO council and Chamber of social and solidarity economy.

(Translated from French by PLATFORMA)

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