They are talking about the PLATFORMAwards laureates!

11 juin 2020

Winning a Prize at the PLATFORMAwards is a good opportunity to put decentralised cooperation projects in the spotlights. Check what media, municipalities and institutions are saying about the results in Arabic, English, Catalan, Spanish… 

Congress of Local and Regional Authorities of the Council of Europe

PLATFORMAwards Ceremony: Decentralised cooperation, a valuable tool for better coordination of multilevel governance

« International cooperation between local and regional governments enables better coordination of relations between the international, national, regional and local levels, as well as between regions and municipalities themselves,” stressed Congress Secretary General Andreas Kiefer at the PLATFORMAwards ceremony on 8 June 2020. « This is all the more crucial in times of crisis, such as that of COVID-19, which has hit many countries and communities hard. This model of cooperation is just as essential when it comes to finding answers to the challenges of climate change or implementing the UN Sustainable Development Goals, » he added.

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Decentralised cooperation: boosting citizens participation from Barcelona to Marrakesh

The government of the province of Barcelona (Spain) and six municipalities in Marrakesh (Morocco) have been working together to strengthen participatory democracy and upholding women’s rights in the region through decentralised cooperation for three years.

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La Silla Rota Guanajuato

Unebus recognised at the European Prize PLATFORMAwards

The Prize PlaformAwards aim to promote development cooperation projects and collect data and indicators of best practices.

Guanajuato was distinguished with the Special Prize of the PLATFORMAwards for its UNEBUS interurban mobility system, which was rated exemplary in terms of sustainable development. UNEBUS, launched in collaboration with Bordeaux Métropole in January 2018, was selected from among 26 projects involving 74 local governments from [30] countries.

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Interview with Tarcisio Rodríguez

The Head of the SICOMGuanajuato, Tarcisio Rodríguez Martínez, talked with Marcos Llamas and Sarahí Martínez in Noticias TV4 about the distinctive granted to the Unebus Guanajuato system by PLATFORMA

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 Ajuntament de Sant Boi de Llobregat

Sant Boi is one of the municipal participants in a cooperative project with the Marrakesh-Safi region in Morroco winner of the Platforma Awards 2020

The award, endorsed by European Union institutions, values collaboration between European regions and municipalities and others in different parts of the world.

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Oujda City

French city Lille and Oujda crowned with « PLATFORMAwards » Prize for decentralised cooperation

Monday, June 8, 2020, Oujda, along with its French counterpart, Lille, was rewarded the « PLATFORMAwards » Prize, a European decentralised cooperation network through which these Prizes  aim to crown innovative, sustainable and comprehensive partnerships between local and regional governments of the European Union and their counterparts in partner countries.

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The city of Oujda wins the Prize equally with the French city of Lille

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The cities of Oujda and Lille are awarded the award for sustainable energy

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Guanajuato receives international award for Unebus transport service

The entity was distinguished with the PLATFORMAwards Prize for its urban mobility system that started in 2018.

Guanajuato was distinguished with the Special Prize at the PLATFORMAwards for its Unebús intercity mobility system, which was rated exemplary in terms of sustainable development.

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Het Laatste Nieuws

The twinning Bornem-Nquthu wins second prize at international PLATFORMAwards

The twinning between Bornem and Nquthu in South Africa has won second prize at the international PLATFORMAwards. These awards highlight partnerships that contribute to sustainable development goals.

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