Strategic Partnership between Dutch MFA and VNG International for Sustainable Development through improved Local Governance in Uganda

14 juillet 2023

In an effort to empower local governments and promote sustainable development on the local level, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Netherlands and VNG International have joined forces to implement the Sustainable Development through improved Local Governance (SDLG) programme. This 5-year Strategic Partnership focuses on four thematic priorities: Security & Rule of Law, Migration, Own Source Revenue (OSR), and Integrated Water Management.

The SDLG programme, currently being implemented in ten countries including Uganda, is shaping a more sustainable future for communities by strengthening local governments and their representative bodies. Uganda’s unique programme emphasizes improved governance in a fragile setting, recognizing the importance of strong leadership and mindset change to foster inclusive decision-making and responsive service delivery.

With a focus on citizen and taxpayer engagement, the SDLG Uganda programme strengthens community structures and accountability mechanisms, and thus builds trust between local governments and citizens. By addressing weak revenue mobilization and management, limited resources for service delivery, and underutilized local economic development initiatives, the programme enhances sustainable development on the local level.

To facilitate knowledge sharing, the SDLG Uganda programme organizes an annual OSR conference. This highly anticipated event brings together 13 Ugandan municipalities, along with delegations from Ethiopia, Mozambique, and the Netherlands. It provides participants with a platform to exchange insights and lessons learned from their experiences in citizen and taxpayer engagement. From theoretical frameworks to real-world examples, the conference explores opportunities for collaborative engagement across governmental agencies.

As the programme progresses, preliminary assessments highlight the importance of citizen and taxpayer engagement in ensuring sustainable local governance. By enhancing community participation, digitalization, accountability, stakeholder collaboration, and local governance capacity, the SDLG Uganda programme fosters a more inclusive and responsive local government that meets the needs and aspirations of its citizens.

Through this strategic partnership, the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs and VNG International contribute to Uganda’s development by empowering local governments and promoting sustainable and inclusive growth at the community level.

For more information about the programme, click here.

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