Take part to the IVth Andalusian Solidarity Forum

12 octobre 2020

The Andalusian Solidarity Forum (Foro Andalucía Solidaria) aims to strengthen public policy for international development cooperation in Andalusia. Regional and local governments, non-governmental organisations and universities, in conjunction with the rest of the Andalusian cooperation actors, propose this space for meeting and dialogue, open to citizens, with a global and territorial perspective, to advance strategies and alliances of work in Andalusia.

Due to the Covid-19 health crisis, this year Forum starts with a virtual and collaborative platform open to all.  This whole virtual process will culminate, if the circumstances allow it, with the face-to-face part on 15 and 16 December in Córdoba. Participants will refine the position of local governments and other actors of Andalusian cooperation in 8 thematic groups. These 8 thematic groups are divided into 4 thematic axes and 4 thematic workshops:

– Axis 1: Alliances for development. Integrated intervention model and policy coherence (webinar 21 October, 17.00)

– Axis 2: Let’s get out of the crisis by cooperating: Alliances to strengthen the common messages of communication and awareness raising (webinar: end of October – beginning of November, tbc)

– Axis 3: Innovation for internal and effective solidarity within the framework of the SDGs (webinar: 11 or 13 November, tbc).

– Axis 4: Opportunities, new agenda and decentralised cooperation in the new European framework 2021-2027 (webinar: 4 November)

– Thematic Workshop 1: Climate Change and Sustainable Cities (webinar: end of October)

– Thematic workshop 2: Gender and development (webinars: 29 October, 18.30 – Violence and repression against women human rights defenders; and 26 November, 18.30 – Feminist approach to food sovereignty)

– Thematic workshop 3: Migration and refugees (webinar: 10 November)

– Thematic workshop 4: Transformative economies (webinar: 2nd half of November)

This year 2020 marks the 25th anniversary of the creation of the Confederation of Cooperation and Solidarity Funds, which brings together more than 1,300 local governments active in international cooperation and coincides with the 20th anniversary of the creation of the FAMSI (Andalusian Fund for Municipalities for International Solidarity).

More information on http://www.foroandaluciasolidaria.org/

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