Towns and regions are acting worldwide to fight against COVID-19

16 avril 2020

The COVID-19 pandemic is now spread all over the world and some countries will be soon heavily impacted despite the youth of their population. Everywhere, towns and regions are at the forefront of this “emergency phase”: they are looking for solutions to help citizens getting protected against the virus, they need to ensure that the essential services continue to be delivered to the best standards, they do their best to make sure no one is left behind… But local and regional governments will also be critical over the coming weeks and months, during the “recovering phase”.

This global challenge calls for solidarity to leave no one and no place behind. Collaboration is essential, and learning from each other’s approach is crucial. Together with their associations, local and regional governments are exchanging their experience in dealing with the crisis. Their networks have also started to compile what towns, regions and their associations are doing all around the world:

For more information on towns and regions’ take on the EU global response, check PLATFORMA’s reaction.

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(Photo by BRUNO CERVERA on Unsplash)

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