95 Flemish local governments participate in the Week of the Sustainable Municipality

1 octubre 2019

From 18th until 25th of September almost 100 Flemish municipalities celebrated the 4th birthday of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG’s). During the entire week they put the SDGs and a group of local ‘sustainable heroes’ in the spotlights in their communities.

These heroes are citizens, schools, companies or associations who contribute to sustainable development in their own way and therefore become the local faces of the 17 Global Goals.  For many municipalities, participating in the campaign is not merely about sensibilisation: They also commit to integrating the SDG’s in their new multiannual plans (2020-2025) and thereby consolidate sustainability into the local policy in the long term.

Discover all Sustainable Municipalities and their heroes on www.duurzamegemeente.be

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