Province of Barcelona

The Government of the Province of Barcelona (Diputació de Barcelona) governs an area comprising 311 municipalities with a population of 5.5 million inhabitants. Its mission is to ensure the proper provision of high-quality municipal services that are equally accessible to all. The governing body is made up of 51 indirectly elected mayors and councillors representing all 311 municipalities of the province.

Through its Directorate of International Relations, the Government of the Province of Barcelona actively promotes the participation of the municipalities and the Province at the international level. It provides support to cities and towns in the province of Barcelona in the fields of European cooperation, development cooperation and internationalisation.

Londres, 55
08036 - Barcelona, Spain


Nuria Parlon Gil

Substitute : Antoni Montseny Domenech

Mayoress of Santa Coloma de Gramenet, Deputy councillor to the presidency and delegate of International Relations, 2030 Agenda, urban agendas & public policies innovation at Diputació de Barcelona - Barcelona Provincial Council

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