“A refugee needs more than just food and shelter”

5 April 2017

More than one and a half million Syrians have taken refuge in neighbouring countries Lebanon and Jordan. They fled their homes to find safety in buildings and tents. But dealing with the massive influx of refugees is a huge structural challenge for the governments of Jordan and Lebanon.

That is why VNG International and the municipalities of Amsterdam, The Hague, and Almere are helping local authority staff in Lebanon and Jordan to build a sound basis for these communities. To meet their needs, today and tomorrow.

Emergency relief provides essentials like food and water. But more is needed. Like basic public services, sewage or waste management. That is a major challenge for local authorities already seriously overstretched by providing facilities for so many refugees.


Together with the municipality of Amsterdam, VNG International looked at ways to guarantee the long-term economic sustainability of the Zaa’tari camp in Jordan.


Solving the waste problem is a top priority. Collection and recycling does not just reduce health risks, it could also make money over time.


In the next two years LOGOReP will work together with colleagues in Jordan and Lebanon on how to install drinking water facilities.

Discover more on the LOGOReP project.

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