NEW DEADLINE! Call for expert: Local Business Environment and Decentralised Cooperation

6 August 2018

Over the past years, donors and the internal community have been paying a growing attention to the business environment and investment climate of developing countries. The rationale behind this attention comes from the willingness to contribute to private sector development, as well economic development in general, to achieve development goals. Therefore, PLATFORMA is looking for an external Contractor to draft the content of a representative publication on “Local Business Environment and Decentralised Cooperation”.

The Contractor should ideally have a thorough knowledge and understanding of

  • Decentralised development cooperation
  • European development and international cooperation policy
  • Business environment initiatives
  • have demonstrated experience in drafting publications, conducting research and/or redacting policy analysis

Interested bidders shall submit their bids no later than on Friday 14 September 2018. The Final draft shall be delivered by the Contractor no later than on Friday 30 November.

For more information, please check the terms of reference.

Useful documents

Terms of reference - publication Local Business Environment
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