CEMR joins campaign “We cannot walk alone”

4 May 2021

Ahead of the World Refugee Day (20 June) CEMR’s Citizenship team and IncluCities are joining Refugee Week, a global festival where anyone can get involved by organising events and activities.

To shed light on three important aspects of migrant and refugee integration, CEMR is organising three online events in the week from 14-20 June to raise awareness about the contribution of diverse and inclusive cities in the EU, moreover to offer inspiration and open space for exchange within the framework of the IncluCities project.

The kick-off of the Refugee Week will be an interview with Rabina Khan, a Bangladeshi-born British writer and politician, and Melody Deldjou Fard, a young refugee from Iran who serves at the Utrecht municipal council as member of the Dutch GroenLinks. They will speak about the refugee and migrant women in the political arena. (June 14)

The second event will open a question: How can new technologies help improve migrant integration? We will showcase some examples from different cities all around Europe: MICADO (Migrant Integration Cockpits and Dashboards), Seyran Maryam Khalili will present her strategy how to build up inclusive policies in Norway, and Gabriella de Francesco from Mechelen. We will explore ICT and digitalisation for better integration on June 16.

‘Second-generation migrants and the Political’ will be the final event (on 18 June). Redouan Boudiba, Youth Engagement officer at CEMR will talk with Imane Nadif, councillor for the Green Party at Amsterdam Municipality. The guiding question will be: How do young people, particularly second-generation migrants, see and engage in youth movements, public protest and advocacy around global challenges, such as climate change, equal rights, racism and discrimination?

The Refugee Week was founded in 1998 and has since become a growing global movement. Through different events and campaigns around World Refugee Day (20 June) the campaign enables people from different backgrounds to connect beyond labels and stereotypes. The aim is to raise awareness and understanding of why people are displaced, and what challenges refugees and migrants face in their daily life.

Read more and register for the events on the IncluCitiesCEMR Facebook page.

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