Why should my city or region join the European Days of Local Solidarity?

29 August 2019

The European Days of Local Solidarity (EDLS) call cities and regions to raise citizens’ awareness about the role of local and regional governments in global sustainable development. In 2018, 120 cities and regions organised or participated in public events, political debates and festivals.

This year, the 4th edition of the EDLS will take place from 15 to 30 November 2019. Any local or regional government can join the initiative by proposing or labelling an activity as an EDLS Action.

The EDLS label enables cities and regions to scale up their efforts on awareness raising and citizenship engagement for global sustainable development. It provides greater visibility for their actions (EDLS Website, EDLS Twitter Campaign and thematic publications) and connects them with relevant practitioners, EU decision makers and stakeholders with whom to discuss on the opportunities and challenges of local and regional governments’ action as the public institutions closest to citizens.

Once an EDLS Action is registered online, you are invited to download the EDLS Communication toolkit or add the EDLS logo to other communication materials. Note that EDLS Actions must be (co)organised by a European town or region, or by an association of local and regional governments and must aim at creating spaces for citizens, local or regional elected or officials, CSOs and other local players to learn, exchange and discuss on the role of cities and regions in global sustainable development.

Elected representatives at local and regional level across Europe are invited to sign the EDLS Charter as a public commitment to inform and engage citizens in global sustainable development.

For further information, check the EDLS Guidelines available in different languages or contact the PLATFORMA Secretariat (laia.vinyesmarce@ccre-cemr.org).

Are you based in Brussels? Join us at DEVCO Infopoint next 25 September !

PLATFORMA, in partnership with DEVCO, will mark its contribution to the SDGs Global Action Day by presenting the 4th edition of the European Days of Local Solidarity and inviting its partners from the civil society and educational sector to exchange on the opportunities and challenges of engaging with cities and regions in the field of awareness raising and development education.


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