Cooperation between municipalities of Latvia and Uzbekistan on climate change mitigation: to be continued

5 October 2023

Since July 2023, the Latvian Association of Local and Regional Governments (LALRG) in cooperation with the Uzbekistan national movement “YUKSALISH” is implementing the development cooperation project “Sustainable policy planning in the field of climate change mitigation and adaptation in Uzbekistan”.

This project is funded by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Latvia from the development cooperation budget. The aim of the project is to improve Uzbekistan’s sustainable policy planning in the field of climate change by strengthening the capacity of local authorities, raising public awareness of the socio-economic impact of climate change and promoting public involvement in decision-making.

On 12 September the launching conference of the project “Sustainable policy planning in the field of climate change mitigation and adaptation in Uzbekistan” was held in Tashkent. It was opened by the Ambassador of the Republic of Latvia to Uzbekistan Mr Reinis Trokša and the Chairman of the LALRG Mr Gints Kaminskis.

Countries must implement measures in order to improve their capacities to adapt and promote resilience to climate change and its consequences, as well as to take advantage of the opportunities it creates. Indeed, we need to be able to adapt to already existing climate changes, as well as to those we can expect in future. That is why it is important that the implementation of smart adaptation measures to climate change is on the political agenda of the countries and local governments of the world,” stressed Mr Kaminskis.

During the conference the Chairman of the LALRG Mr Gints Kaminskis and the Chairman of the Uzbekistan national movement “YUKSALISH” Mr Bobur Bekmurodov, signed the Memorandum of Cooperation, which will open opportunities for more effective cooperation between both parties.

Adapting to climate change

The delegation from Latvia participating at the conference consisted of the hight level representatives of the Ministry of Climate and Energy, the LALRG, the Mayors of Aluksne, Limbazi and Saulkrasti municipality council and Deputy Executive Director of Smiltene municipality. In the framework of the visit the delegation had also an opportunity to meet with the representatives of the local communities of Bukhara and Surkhandarya regions in Uzbekistan.

Preparing for the risks posed by climate change and planning for adaptation at the local level is essential for the security of Uzbekistan’s public, as well as for its economic, environmental, and social well-being. During the visit to Latvia, which has taken the place two weeks after, the Uzbek colleagues visited the LALRG and the Ministry of Climate and Energy to familiarize themselves with Latvia’s experience in adapting to climate change.

The Uzbek delegation was also interested in issues related to the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions, such as the use of renewable energy resources. The delegation has also met with the representatives of the Parliament of the Republic of Latvia and visited the municipalities of Saulkrasti and Smiltene getting acquainted with the municipal spatial development plans and plans for the mitigation of the impact of climate change.

The cooperation is not finishing with these visits, but is “to be continued”, as the topics of climate change are of high importance in municipalities of both countries.

(Picture by Peteris Gertners)

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