“COP28 represents a huge step for local and regional governments”

18 December 2023

COP28 Presidency and Bloomberg Philanthropies convened the first-ever subnational leaders’ summit at a COP, attended by over 450 attendees from 60+ countries, including over 250 mayors and governors. During this summit, the COP28 Presidency launched ‘Coalition for High Ambition Multi-Level Partnerships’ (CHAMP).

Developed in consultation with subnational and national leaders, along with a diverse set of stakeholders, CHAMP is a pioneering initiative that recommends a new process for local and regional leaders to contribute to the development of updated and ambitious Nationally Determined Contributions (NDCs).

French Senator and Councilor of Nantes and Nantes Métropole Ronan Dantec attended COP28 in Dubai (UAE). It was his 15th UN conference on climate change. He is also President of Climate Chance Association, CEMR spokesperson on the Environment and AFCCRE spokesperson on Climate and the Environment .

Just after a deal was reached at COP28, Ronan Dantec declared: “Beyond the first-ever mention of fossil fuels in the COP final text, this 28th conference on climate change represents a huge step for local and regional governments. For the first time, municipalities and regions were officially considered as part of the multi-governance process through the Local Climate Action Summit. And no less than 71 nations have joined the Coalition for High Ambition Multi-level Partnerships (CHAMP)! Now is the time to find adequate financing to secure a just and equitable green transition at local, regional, national and global levels.”

At the start of the UN conference Ronan Dantec also stated: “With CHAMP, we feel that a greater engagement to fight climate change will be reinforced between national and subnational governments, including small, medium-sized and big cities, towns, and regions, allowing us to be better prepared in COP30 with the next round of NDCs.”

Marianne Overton, Councillor of Lincolnshire (UK), CEMR Spokesperson on Climate and Energy also attended COP28 and took the floor during various panels, including one convened by UCLG.

“A territorial approach to the climate fight is crucial to achieving positive impacts on the ground. However, the Paris Agreement aims cannot be reached if the local and regional level are not able or allowed to play an essential role in transforming the international ambitions into practical realities. Let’s fight together, let’s advance together, let’s make of this challenge a real opportunity”, she stated in LGMA press release.

She also said in a video interviewed with Giacomo Mazzone: “Climate change is a world problem and it needs the whole world to solve it”.

“Municipalities and regions must have their voice heard at the COP. We need more young people in politics that can push for that” also said in a video message Christian Achtelik, member of the Young Elected Officials Committee of CEMR and PLATFORMA and city Councillor of Cologne (Germany). He attended several sessions, including a side event “Youth & practitioners: Catalysts for implementation of Science based policy.”   

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