Council concerned by the democratic situation in Moldova

17 July 2018

On 16 July 2018, the Foreign Affairs Council discussed the Eastern Partnership, ahead of the Eastern Partnership ministerial meeting in October. Foreign ministers noted the progress made in the six countries and underlined the need to step up reforms in areas such as governance, justice, the fight against corruption, economic reform and the business environment. They expressed particular concern over the situation in the Republic of Moldova.

Indeed, on 3 June, Candidate Andrei Nastase, from the Dignity and Truth Platform (DA), won the second round of Chisinau’s snap mayoral elections with 52.6% of the votes, defeating the candidate of the Socialist Party, Ion Ceban. However, on 19 June, the election was voided by the Moldovan Supreme Court and the appeal on the decision was rejected on 25 June, leading to a massive demonstration in Chisinau on 1st July. The Court decision was officially condemned by the European Parliament on 5 July. MEPs called for Moldovan authorities to respect Chisinau inhabitants’ democratic choice.

Finally, Foreign affairs ministers highlighted the importance of using the opportunity to the 10th anniversary of the partnership in 2019 to highlight the EU’s commitment to the region. PLATFORMA is currently exchanging with the European Commission (DG NEAR) to further contribute to the 20 deliverables for 2020, in particular to strengthen the reforms efforts in the area of Governance, and outline the commitment of European local and regional governments for the Eastern Partnership at the occasion of the next EaP Summit.

(Picture: © European Union)

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