Discover VVSG three new publications on the SDGs

15 June 2020

The SDGs are now firmly anchored at the local policy level in Flanders, but VVSG continues to inspire its members with three new publications.

Local support for global challenges – a local translation of the SDGs offers lots of concrete and local policy actions that (Flemish) municipalities can implement if they want to contribute to the SDGs, divided into ‘quick wins’ and ‘big wins’. For each SDG, a golden reading tip, an astonishing factoid and an inspiring practical example is provided as well.

In The SDGs in practice: concrete actions by Flemish municipalities VVSG showcases three local initiatives per SDG, demonstrating how Flemish local authorities are contributing to the SDGs internally within the municipal organisation, locally within their community and internationally through capacity building.

How can twinning partners collaborate in achieving the 2030 Agenda? The SDGs in international municipal cooperation aims to inspire local governments engaged in decentralised cooperation by presenting ideas and methods for integrating the SDGs into international partnerships through awareness raising activities, policy exercises, work visits and by introducing them in partnership programmes. This publication is supported by PLATFORMA and co-funded by the European Union. Available in Dutch, English, French and Spanish.

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