Dive into the perfect summer: our top six reports to read at the beach!

26 July 2019

Your suitcase is almost full and you don’t yet know what book to read this summer on the beach? You are still hesitating between the latest spooky fiction or a feminist manifesto (because Jean-Claude Juncker has not published his memoirs yet)? PLATFORMA has selected 6 reports you should read this summer.

What is the EU doing to tackle the challenges offered by the 2030 Agenda?

The European Commission has the answer in its Annual report 2018 by DG DEVCO. Covering actions in 2017, the report shows how the European Union maintained its commitment to promoting sustainable development and sustainable security worldwide, and explored new ways to make external action more effective than before. And if you want to get even more answers, there is a 486-page Staff Working Document!

But what about the national level?

The United Nations University’s 18th Policy Brief is the document you should read, it only has 4 pages! Focused on the National Implementation of the 2030 Agenda, the report presents recommendations on governance and national implementation to accelerate progress towards achieving SDGs. It draws on lessons from the Voluntary National Reviews and highlights key areas of progress.

And local and regional governments, where are they?

The Global Task Force has thought about you! In the third “Towards the localization of the SDGs report” just presented at HLPF in New York, UCLG and its partners explore the involvement of towns and regions in the local implementation of the Global Goals. After reading this, you will be unbeatable on Voluntary Local Review mechanisms!

And associations of local and regional governments, have you forgotten them?

Of course not! The main results of the CEMR-PLATFORMA study fit in one two-sided page. In the blink of an eye, you will discover how associations of towns and regions are drivers for change. Don’t worry, that’s not all! The long version of the study will be ready mid-September.

But I want to improve my Spanish!

Lucky you! The Basque association of sustainable municipalities has published its “How to address the Sustainable Development Goals from the local level” handbook. It’s a kind of step-by-step practical guide to help municipalities localise SGDs. There are even drawings! Your kids will help you fill in the missing colours.

And if I really have no place in my suitcase?

The UN-DESA “Sustainable Development Goals Report 2019” is the solution. It’s online, interactive and full of interesting data.

Now that you have the best ever beach-read list, we can wish you relaxing holidays.

(Picture by Ikea Australia)

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