Dutch municipalities raise their SDG flags!

24 September 2021

Municipalities play a pioneering role in realising the Global Goals in the Netherlands: more than 100 (!) municipalities are now working on achieving the goals to which the Netherlands committed itself on 25 September 2015. To show that the Dutch municipalities are working towards achieving the sustainability goals, the Municipalities4GlobalGoals campaign organises an annual Flag Day with activities around it.

After a successful first edition of the Municipalities4GlobalGoals Flag Day in 2019, the third and extensive edition of the Flag Day is taking place this year.

September 25 is the “birthday” of the Global Goals; the day the Sustainable Development Goals were adopted by the United Nations. Activities around the sustainability goals are organised on this day all over the world.

This year, the Global Goals are celebrating their 6th anniversary, which is why as many municipalities as possible raise the Global Goals flag, together with sustainable companies and ministries via the coordinators Global Compact NL, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the national platform SDG Netherlands. The Municipalities4GlobalGoals Flag Day is coordinated for municipalities by VNG International, including information packages and means of communication.

Check on Twitter @G4globalgoals and #Gemeenten4GlobalGoals, and on LinkedIn Gemeenten4GlobalGoals.

This initiative is financially supported by PLATFORMA and the European Union.

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