EDLS 2020: Join the pan-European campaign for local solidarity!

15 September 2020

The European Days of Local Solidarity (EDLS) are a major event during which cities, regions and citizens from across the continent raise awareness on the challenges and local projects promoting sustainable development worldwide. The Days bring to life the famous motto: “Think global, act local.”

EDLS 2020, the campaign’s fifth edition, will take place from 14 to 29 November 2020 in municipalities and regions all across Europe. During the EDLS, cities and regions can co-organise events to connect with and learn about other communities in the world and educate citizens on the interdependencies between our societies. From COVID to climate change, no nation or territory is big enough to face these global challenges alone.

PLATFORMA encourages local and regional governments to participate and show that cities and regions are fearless spaces where change can happen and innovative solutions for global challenges take shape. No town or territory is too small to contribute: we can all pitch in!

Join the campaign!

  • Register your EDLS activity here and sign the EDLS Charter to support a local Europe actively working for global solidarity. Discover more details about the campaign here.
  • Use the hashtag #LocalSolidarityDays and we’ll see your social media.
  • Get an overview of what happened during the 2019 EDLS edition in this video!

For further information contact Lur Fernandez (Lur.FernandezSalinas@ccre-cemr.org).

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