EDLS story: promoting education and active citizenship in Getxo

22 November 2019

To support the European Days of Local Solidarity (EDLS) 2019 campaign, PLATFORMA is publishing a series of success stories and testimonies of cities and regions engaged in development education and awareness raising on decentralised cooperation. The second “EDLS story” focuses on Getxo’s budget dedicated to international development cooperation.

The new government of the municipality of Getxo puts the focus on solidarity and the 2030 Agenda to consolidate a front-line example of commitment with international cooperation. The aim is to reach 0,7% of the public budget dedicated to international development cooperation. Education and active citizenship are key drivers of its action.

The city’s long-standing engagement for global development is the result of an inclusive and participatory process that helps creating ownership among citizens and promotes solidarity towards global development. The Development Cooperation Working group is coordinated by the Social Cohesion department and gathers social, cultural or educational entities based in the city and that are engaged in local and international solidarity projects. The group has been active since 2004 and has grown into a fundamental tool to shape the city’s engagement with global sustainable development.

Education is an essential part of this commitment. This involves reaching out to the citizens and players of society on the challenges of local and global sustainable development, generating spaces for participation and putting in value the numerous ways an active citizenship can be pursued with a global perspective. The municipality has a long-standing experience promoting alliances with key social and cultural agents such as SolidaridUp, Getxotik Mundura Mundutik Getxora, Ciudad por el Comercio Justo, etc.

“The Agenda 2030 is a challenge for us all and Getxo is committed to it. Our 4th participation in the European Days of Local Solidarity is an example of it. This is an articulated effort (together with Euskal Fondoa and PLATFORMA) to inform citizens and engage them in shaping the city’s response to the Sustainable Development Goals both from a local and global perspective.”

Carmen Díez Pérez, elected representative in charge of Social Cohesion and Development Cooperation in Getxo

Getxo will be for the 4th time the main scene of the European Days of Local Solidarity 2019 in the Basque Country, an opportunity for the municipality to be a leverage for its citizens to learn about the Sustainable Development Goals with a focus on SDG 14 and sea biodiversity.

“Organising this event has brought new and stronger alliances between the municipality and local players and experts in the field of sustainability, international solidarity and citizenship engagement. This makes the EDLS a unique and worth it opportunity!”

Juanma Balerdi, Director of Euskal Fondoa, coordinator of the EDLS in Euskadi

Check the info on Euskal Fondoa website and download the full programme.

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