Empowering communities for local development in Myanmar

24 August 2017

Since 2013, the Myanmar National Community Driven Development Project (NCDDP) has put people at the centre of decision making. As they get involved in the many phases of the project, community members gain skills and understand the process of improving their communities clearly.

Our partner VNG International has been involved in the project since 2015 onwards and now assists four Townships (third-level administrative subdivision): Bilin, Chaungzon, Tanintharyi and Paung.

The project provides financing for poor rural communities to benefit from improved access to basic infrastructure and services. The International Cooperation Agency of the Association of Netherlands Municipalities provides institutional support and technical assistance to four township offices. Furthermore, VNG International provides technical assistance to the village and village tract level (fourth-level administrative subdivision) to familiarise communities with participatory approaches in the process of establishing inclusive village and village tract project development committees.

The NCDDP is now in its fourth cycle, the project is active in almost 8,800 villages, benefitting 5.2 million people  across the country.

VNG International provides jobs for almost 200 Myanmar people, inter alia with the township offices in each of the four townships consisting of five key experts and a group of approximately 20 to 30 community and technical facilitators per township.

Other expected results are training plans developed, 165 community and technical facilitators trained on the community project cycle, gender, social accountability and grievance handling, financial management, procurement, and M&E. Village Tract Development Plans (VTDPs) will be completed in all four townships in accordance with the provisions of the Operations Manual and social audits should be conducted on satisfactory quality in all village tracts in all four townships.

NCDDP is unique in Myanmar for its places communities at the centre of planning and managing development resources.

Villagers decide how to use project funds, designing sub-projects including the rehabilitation and expansion of school buildings, health centres, water supply systems, footpaths, jetties and bridges.

This short clip gives a great insight of NCDDP’s targets and successes.

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