Enhancing the value of decentralised cooperation through short videos in Italy

7 October 2020

AICCRE announced online today (7 October) at the Sustainable Development Festival (Festival sviluppo sostenibile) that the European Days of Local Solidarity (EDLS) Campaign 2020 will be organized in Italy with video messages of elected representatives that will became viral trough social media and youtube channel. The key topic will be solidarity during Covid-19 pandemic and the need to reinforce actions of decentralised cooperation trough cities in the world.

During the workshop, AICCRE received many questions regarding the EDLS Campaign and the Charter. Many elected representatives declared that they will send their video message because they like the idea to use social media in a period in which meetings are difficult to organise.

Mayor Massimo Seri (Municipality of Fano) said that he will send a statement on the value of cooperation as a concrete tool to improve the urban strategies.

Ilaria Bugetti, Councillor of the Toscana Region, said that video messages are useful to highlight the need of acknowledging the role of local authorities in decentralised cooperation: “at international but also national level, cities are not yet considered as key actors.”

Deadline for receiving video messages is 31st October.

For more information, please contact segretariato@aiccre.it.

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