Euskadi | Discover European and local education experiences supporting social transformation

7 March 2022

[Updated on 04/04/22 with follow up video & recordings]

Basque entities are organising a series of conferences to discover European and local education experiences that help transform societies. These conferences celebrate the fifth anniversary of the Basque Education Strategy for Social Transformation (H)ABIAN 2030

On 15 March, the Basque Education Strategy for Social Transformation (H)ABIAN 2030 will celebrate its fifth anniversary with some conferences. Within these conferences, European and local initiatives managed by organisations linked to decentralised cooperation will be presented. There will also be a celebration of the progress made over the last five years by the organisations involved in the strategy.

(H)ABIAN 2030 gathers together Basque public institutions and development cooperation organisations, cultural organisations and schools. Said organisations link up with the strategy because they share their commitment to an education accompanying people and collectives in the construction of a society based on human rights and equality. In addition, the strategy aims to boost continuous learning and show the interdependence between what is happening in our environment and what is happening in distant places sharing similar challenges to our own.

The meeting will begin with an institutional round table and an opening speech from Nélida Zaitegi, teacher and educator, who will speak about the opportunity to initiate changes in these unstable times.

The conferences will continue with the presentation of different European and local experiences involving public institutions and civil society in the field of formal and non-formal education. Among the experiences will be an educational programme shared by the Netherlands and Nicaragua; DEAR student, which incorporates development education in the formal curriculum; the Bilbao Festival Internacional de Cine Invisible [International Festival of Unseen Cinema] “Film Sozialak”; artistic, musical and creative activities promoted by the local and regional governments of Latvia; a Mallorcan initiative working on SDGs in libraries and intercultural camps in Getxo in the Basque Country.

Finally, there will be a conversation regarding the measurement of impact of educational actions. It will be led by Francesca Vanoni, leader of the support team of the European Union DEAR programme (Development Education and Awareness Raising), and Marlen Eizaguirre, cooperation technician of the eLankidetza-Basque Agency for Development Cooperation.

Akual Programme

In addition to these conferences on education for social transformation, the Akual programme will be presented on 22 March. This is a technical cooperation programme between Basque public entities and water and sanitation operators in El Salvador, Costa Rica and the Basque Country.


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