FAMSI invites you to participate in the campaign “We are local governments. We are the world”

3 June 2020

The Andalusian Fund of Municipalities for International Solidarity (FAMSI) launched a campaign to publicise the work of local and provincial governments and proximity agents in international cooperation, and in alliances with world and multilateral organisations. You can participate by sending a filmed message with your mobile phone.

The campaign aims to translate the actions implemented by the people who work directly with the entity into words, from inside or outside it, in local or international contexts, and in any of the thematic areas that are developed.

In this way, you can already see the messages shared by Ignacio Caraballo, president of the Huelva Provincial Council and of the FAMSI, Francisco Reyes, president of Jaén Provincial Council and vice president of the FAMSI, Mª Luz Ortega, director of the Andalusian Agency for Cooperation International for Development (AACID), Rocío Moreno, deputy mayor of La Palma del Condado and heads of the FAMSI European Union Secretariat, Francisco Guerrero, mayor of Campillos and head of the FAMSI Migration Secretariat, José Manuel Cervera, director of the Three Cultures of the Mediterranean Foundation, Carmen Sánchez Miranda, head of the UN-Habitat Office for Spain or Emilia Saiz, secretary general of United Cities and Local Governments, UCLG.

FAMSI has a trajectory of two decades in foreign action, awareness and training, working on issues that connect local reality with global challenges, creating alliances and fostering technical exchanges related to the management of public proximity policies.

In programs with governments and institutions in Africa, Latin America and Europe, multilateral networks, such as UCLG and United Nations agencies, such as UNDP, UN – Habitat, UN Women, and European-wide local government organizations, such as PLATFORMA, FAMSI facilitates the creation of lines of work, through foreign action programs, in which the relationship of Andalusian governments and entities with foreign agents is articulated, in practical management issues such as water and sanitation, waste management policies , local economic development, job creation and training for employability, gender policies and, in general, actions framed in environmental, social and economic sustainability.

In this sense, FAMSI is carrying out a program to support the localisation of the Sustainable Development Goals, within the framework of the 2030 Agenda, with the aim of promoting their implementation in the local Andalusian environment.

The campaign will be kept alive by collecting testimonies from all the geographical points, entities and governments that work with FAMSI, thus giving testimony, not only of the work of the local cooperation, but also of all those entities with which the Andalusian Fund of Municipalities for International Solidarity.

The following E-mail address is communication@andaluciasolidaria.org is available to receive messages from organisations, citizens and social groups who want to project ideas and launch action proposals to face, with local and global proposals, a challenge that has evidenced the interdependence of the territories, regardless of geographical location and economic, political and social conditions, as well as the vulnerability of those communities without strengthened public systems.

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