Fons Mallorquí answers to the emergency situation in Peru

16 May 2017

The Executive Committee of the Majorcan Fund for Solidarity and Cooperation (Fons Mallorquí de Solidaritat i Cooperació) approved the emergency project that had been submitted by Redes-Perú to cover the needs of families affected by the floods in La Arena in recent months.

Heavy rains that affected northern Peru between January and March led to floods in several regions, including La Arena, where the situation was aggravated by the flooding of the river and the overflow of irrigation pipelines.

Families, who were already in a precarious situation before the floods, have lost almost everything. In the rural area of ??the district of La Arena there are 128 homes collapsed and 2,000 homes affected, due to lack of basic drainage services. On the other hand, municipalities do not have the resources to drain stagnant waters, which have become the focus of gastrointestinal diseases – for children – respiratory, dermal and epidemic diseases (cholera and dengue).

Therefore, the project will provide four municipalities of small rural communities with motor pumps to drain the water and prevent the spread of diseases. The project also aims to help alleviate the plight of La Arena families by providing them with roof covers and sacks to protect walls and doors.

All this aims to reduce the economic losses of families due to damage caused to homes by rainfall and the incidence of diseases by the propagation of vectors in stagnant water.

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