Immediate response combined with long-term capacity building to localise global challenges

1 May 2016
Building on the momentum of the ISKEP Social inclusion summit and the World Humanitarian Summit (WHS), the Union of Municipalities of Turkey hosted the UCLG Capacity and Institution building Working Group (CIB) in Istanbul on 19 and 20 May. The core activities of the working group focus on increasing quality and coordination of local governments’ initiatives to build capacities and better institutions, among others, through international action.
High on the CIB agenda are issues of how to support local governments that are faced with the influx of large numbers of refugees and displaced people. The Turkish examples featured prominently, showing the importance of immediate response, combined with long-term capacity building of local government officials and decision makers. Other long-term issues that were discussed were the importance of strategies to localize global agenda such as the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and Habitat III.
The meeting proved to be a relevant platform for exchange on good practices and for PLATFORMA particularly to check its ongoing process of developing a strategy to connect demand for expertise with availability thereof.
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