Latin American smart specialisation planning examples at the World Forum of Regions

12 October 2018

Different examples and experiences on the implementation of the 2030 Agenda and its Sustainable Development Goals, the Climate Change Agenda and the New Urban Agenda will be showcased at the world forum “Regions before the challenges of implementing the global agendas”, to be held at the 11th Assembly of ORU-Fogar on the 22nd and 23rd of October in Rabat (Morocco).

Hosted by the president of ORU-Fogar and also president of the Council of Rabat Salé Kenitra, Abdessamad Sekkal, this world forum will discuss how to implement the three global agendas.

Also, in the course of the world forum of regions, the activities of ORU’s working group on Development Cooperation will be presented. Here it is worth mentioning the programme for the promotion and the building of technical capacities among regions of Latin America, in order to help them develop their smart specialisation (RIS3) strategies. This has been made possible, inter alia, by the support this project has received from PLATFORMA, and from the European Commission, through the region Catalonia, who is a partner of both PLATFORMA and ORU-Fogar, and the leader of ORU’s Development Cooperation working group.

Specifically, a round table on RIS3 planning examples is organised on the 23rd as a side-event to the Forum. This event will showcase the results and the experience of over a year and a half of successful execution. Different presidents of participating Latin American regions will attend, which proves to the high political relevance the programme has reached. The governors of Azuay and Pastaza (Ecuador), Paúl Carrasco and Antonio Kubes, and the governor of Colima (Mexico), José Ignacio Peralta, will report on the results of this experience.

The RIS3-AL (RIS3 Plans in the intermediate governments of Latin America) programme aims to provide methodological support and training to regions, states and provinces for the definition and formulation of a RIS3 strategy, through a process of concertation with a broad participatory base and networking among local governments, economic, educational and social agents, and others related to the research and innovation system.

You can find all the information related to the RIS3-AL programme on the following web page:

(Photo by Edgar Chaparro on Unsplash)

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