NALAS members discuss key challenges in public administration reform

13 May 2022

Over 70 mayors from around South-East Europe convened on the XVII General Assembly of the Network of Associations of Local Authorities of South-East Europe (NALAS) on 12 May 2022, in Belgrade (Serbia), in partnership with the Standing Conference of Towns and Municipalities of Serbia (SCTM).  

The XVII General Assembly was chaired by NALAS Vice President, Mr. Mehmet Ergun Turan, Mayor of Fatih Municipality in Istanbul.

“It is such a great pleasure to see all NALAS General Assembly delegates today here in Belgrade in a physical presence after over two years of severe lock down in coping with the COVID crisis.” – emphasised Mr. Turan.

The meeting was accompanied by a Tour de table discussion on how to improve local service, where digitalisation, combating crisis and fiscal decentralisation were highlighted as key preconditions by the mayors.

During the General Assembly, Mr. Goran Cvetanovic, Mayor of Leskovac, Serbia, assumed the role of new NALAS President, based on the rotation system. “During this year, NALAS will develop its new strategy for the next five years. I would commit myself to lead a participative process, that will ensure that the new strategy reflects the emerging and development needs and priorities of all NALAS’ members. As the current NALAS’ strategy is still very relevant, I would keep the focus on sustainable local development and resilience of local governments. In the upcoming years, we have to be very swift in supporting digitalisation of local public services and supporting municipalities to implement the smart city concept.”, said Mr. Cvetanovic.

The next day of NALAS General Assembly is devoted to the Water conference on the role of municipalities in providing quality water and sanitation services.

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