One more step towards the Charter for Gender Equality in Africa

27 August 2021

On 14 and 15 July 2021, a broad consultation workshop was held online in the framework of the drafting of the “Local Authorities Charter for Gender Equality in Africa”. Open to the public, the two day workshop aroused the interest of many: a total of seventy three participants were registered, of which 42.5% were men and 57.5% were women, they came from about twenty African countries, and also Belgium, Spain, France, and Canada.

The Workshop aimed at providing a platform for dialogue, allowing local and regional government representatives, gender experts and civil societies organisations from Africa and Europe to exchange on the Charter in order to have a more inclusive final document, which will reflect the diversity of the African realities and therefore facilitate its application. This was also a first step towards ownership.

Read more on UCLG-Africa website.


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