Our Handbook is now available in 5 languages!

2 November 2016

PLATFORMA’s Handbook on how to make your city-to-city & region-to-region development cooperation project a success is now available in German, Italian and Spanish. This publication is intended to help many local and regional governments all around the world.

Access to European funding for development cooperation programmes remains difficult. Many programmes are actually available to towns and regions, but they don’t necessarily know they exist, or often wrongly assume they’re limited to civil society organisations.

PLATFORMA has always fought for easier access to financing opportunities. The practical guide was conceived in the spirit of this mission.

We have gathered information in order to help elected representatives and local civil servants build solid projects and attractive applications, and we have listed the European programmes that can finance these projects.

Moreover, we have also included useful information on Member States’ funding agencies and multilateral organisations that may be led to work with towns and regions.

We hope this guide will accompany many local and regional governments all around the world, helping them develop their ambitions and strive for sustainable development, as close as possible to citizens’ needs.

This guide is available in EnglishFrenchGermanItalian and Spanish.

You can also find it on issuu with other PLATFORMA publications.

To receive printed copies, please contact us platforma.communication[at]ccre-cemr.org

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