Our Handbook to Quito and Bogotá

1 October 2016
The UCLG World Summit of Local and Regional Leaders in Bogotá (Colombia) and the UN Conference on Sustainable Urban Development “Habitat III” in Quito (Ecuador) are around the corner. Let’s have a look at our suggestions to plan your participation!
One year after the United Nations Sustainable Development Summit that defined the 2030 Agenda, the 5th UCLG World Congress is an opportunity for local leaders from across the globe to come together to discuss the issues and priorities that matter to them, as well as to define the recommendations of local and regional governments for the New Urban Agenda to be adopted at Habitat III.
Both events have very dense agendas. PLATFORMA and its members’ organisations are involved in many activities, events and sessions. Here are some highlights and suggestions to plan your participation in Bogotá and Quito.
(Beware that this programme has been set in Bogotá and Quito local time, i.e. GMT/UTC-5).


When? 12 October, 12.00 to 13.30
Where? venue S6
Who? Co-organised by VNGi & PLATFORMA, with the participation of Peter Knip (Director of VNGi)
What? The objective of the CONNECT Mechanism is to facilitate effective transfer of specific local and regional government know-how, in particular via brokering, which will allow local and regional governments in partner countries (the demand side) to find available expertise in European countries and beyond (the supply side), in order to contribute to capacity development.
Our video on CONNECT
When? 13 October, 9.00 to 10.30
Where? venue S4
Who? Organised by PLATFORMA, moderated by Íñigo de la Serna (Mayor of Santander, Acting President of CEMR)
What? 10 students from Universidad del Rosario engage in a simulated council debate on an international partnership between the fictitious city of Plato de Forma and the equally fictitious city of Escuerra. Four fictional political groups practice their arguments on each other – and on the participants of the Congress. The workshop is based on the Model UN, adapted to fit the reality of a local political council. Debates will be lively and you can participate by sharing your experience and give advice to these future decision makers.
Our video on the Model City Council
Other events worth considering, organised by PLATFORMA members and partners:


When? 16 October 15.00-18.00
Where? venue Agora
Who? With elected representatives of local and regional governments from all around the world, including Patrick Klugman (Deputy Mayor of Paris & PLATFORMA spokesperson), Jan van Zanen (Mayor of Utrecht, Netherlands, VNG), Merce Conesa (President of the Provincial Government of Barcelona, DIBA), Josep Rull (Minister of Territory and Sustainability of Catalonia), Annemarie Penn-te Strake (Mayor of Maastricht, VNG), Juan Espada (Mayor of Sevilla, FEMP), Íñigo de la Serna (Mayor of Santander, CEMR), Andreas Wolter (Deputy Mayor of Cologne, RGRE) or Parks Tau (councillor of Johannesburg , Chair of SALGA).
What? The third and final session of the 2nd World Assembly of Local and Regional Governments will take place in the framework of Habitat III.
When? 18 October, 8.00-9.00
Where? R2
Who? Organised by PLATFORMA & CEMR. Among the speakers are Annemarie Penn-te Stake (Mayor of Maastricht, VNG), Ilmar Reepalu (Councilor of Malmö, CEMR spokesperson on cohesion policies), Diana Lopez (UN Habitat, URAIA initiative), Frédéric Vallier (Secretary general of CEMR), Patrizio Fiorilli (Director of PLATFORMA).
What? This session will address Challenges around sustainable local public finances, Fiscal decentralisation, the Implementation of the NUA and SDGs and the contribution of international cooperation to good governance and local finances.
When? 20 October 11.00-12.00
Where? R14
Who? Organised by the Covenant of Mayors for Sub-Saharan Africa, PLATFORMA & CEMR. Among the speakers are a representative from the European Commission DG DEVCO, Eva Baños de Guisasola (Policy Adviser at CEMR), Atwine Moses Kanuniira (Kampala Capital City Authority, Uganda), Khady Dia Sarr (Dakar Municipal Finance Program, Senegal), Patrizio Fiorilli (Director of PLATFORMA)
What? The Covenant of Mayors initiative for Sub-Saharan Africa will be presented and first experiences shared by signatory cities. The event is a call towards African cities to join the platform “African Cities fight Climate Change”.
Other events worth considering, organised by PLATFORMA members and partners:
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