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Association of Flemish Cities and Municipalities

Association of Flemish cities and municipalities VVSG is the association of all 308 Flemish municipalities and cities, representing their interests offering advice, training and many other services.

VVSG supports its members in their international ambitions regarding development cooperation. In this field, local governments in Flanders (Belgium) are active in two areas: enhancing the support base for international themes and aspects within the Flemish cities through awareness raising activities on the one hand and strengthening the institutional capacities of partner municipalities. Some 40 city-to-city cooperation between Flanders and other parts of the world (Latin America, Africa and Asia) have been established.

Through training, permanent guidance and advice, joint activities, M&E processes, lobbying, VVSG contributes to the further professionalization of local municipal staff in Flanders and in partner countries regarding all themes that can be included in the development cooperation area.

Bischoffsheimlaan 1-8
1000 - Brussels
Tel. : +32 2 211 55 00
Email : info@vvsg.be
Website : www.vvsg.be