Association of Ukrainian cities

The Association of Ukrainian Cities (AUC) was founded in June 1992 with 35 member-municipalities. Within 30 years, the number of AUC members increased almost 30 times. Nowadays, AUC unites 1,009 Ukrainian cities, settlements, and villages where more than 90% of Ukrainian population resides. AUC has the status of the All-Ukrainian association under the Law of Ukraine “On Associations of Local Governments”. AUC is the most powerful non-governmental, non-profit, and non-partisan organization which represents the position and advocates interests of Ukrainian local governance.

AUC has its central office in Kyiv and the network of 24 regional offices in all regions of Ukraine.

AUC contributes to the conceptual, legislative, financial and practical aspects of local government development in Ukraine. AUC experts have been participating in the elaboration of 267 current Laws of Ukraine in local government. AUC representatives participate in the work of Parliamentary Committees with the right of the advisory vote on issues related to local governance, working sessions of the Cabinet of Ministers. Executive Director and the Board represent AUC in the Congress of Local and Regional Authorities under the President of Ukraine.

AUC jointly with local authorities has been implementing 9 strategies for sectoral reforms.

AUC experts render legal assistance to the local governments providing legal consultancy to local government officials.

AUC is the representative of Ukraine within CEMR and UCLG.

In wartime, AUC has faced new challenges. AUC organises and coordinates humanitarian aid in cooperation with the Ministry for Communities, Territories, and Infrastructure Development of Ukraine and with military administrations, coordinates urgent restoration work in communities in collaboration with public authorities, involves foreign organizations and partner associations around the world in supporting Ukrainian communities.

AUC makes every effort to release the Ukrainian mayors captured by the Russian military, with the support of international community.


73, Sichovykh Striltsiv, Floor 11
04053 - Kyiv, Ukraine
Tel. : +38 044 486 28 78; +38 067 103 58 88; International Cooperation Center: +38 044 486 30 66


Nataliia Kholchenkova

Substitute : Olha Chichina

Member of the Chernihiv city council