Association of Ukrainian cities

The Association of Ukrainian Cities was founded in June 1992 with 35 member-municipalities. Nowadays, AUC is a non-governmental, non-profit, and non-partisan organization which unites 574 Ukrainian cities, districts, settlements and villages where more than 95% of Ukrainian urban population lives.

AUC contributes to the conceptual, legislative, financial and practical aspects of local self-government development in Ukraine. AUC has its central office in Kyiv with 40 highly qualified specialists and the network of 24 regional offices in all “oblasts” of Ukraine.

AUC specialists from the Center for legislation analysis and drafting participated in the elaboration of all the laws and legislative drafts related to local self-government issue. These researches are based on statistical data: according to the agreement between the AUC and the State Statistical Committee of Ukraine, the association collects financial, social and economic development statistical data of Ukrainian municipalities. Experts render legal assistance to the municipalities and local governments providing legal consultancy to local government officials, representing their interests in courts.

The AUC Centre for municipal staff training and professional development is involved in drafting and implementing training programs for local governments’ servants, holding workshops, regional trainings, schools for municipal employees, maintains the data bases of local self-government experts and training institution providing training services to local governments.

AUC is the representative of Ukraine within CEMR and UCLG.

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