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Basque Country

The Basque Development Cooperation is the sum of the forces of different cooperation agents and authorities, acting in constant collaboration and coordination. Reflecting this collaboration and coordination, the Basque Agency for Development Cooperation (Basque Government Cooperation Public Entity) and Euskal Fondoa/Basque Local Authorities Cooperation Fund, with the support of the Basque Government Delegation to the EU, are jointly members of PLATFORMA under “Euskadi-Basque Country”.

Since 2007, the Basque Agency for Development Cooperation is a public entity of the Basque Government, coordinating the cooperation stakeholders at the Basque Country (including NGOs, Euskal Fondoa/Basque Local Authorities Cooperation Fund, economic and social partners, etc). The Basque Agency for Development Cooperation with own budget, including the “Water Canon”/5% from the water taxes, is financing Calls and projects, putting in place public policy actions, agreements with international partners and modulating the basque cooperation actions under the Basque Cooperation Law framework, in line with the Basque Coherence Policy Agreement and SDGs guidance.

Euskal Fondoa, the Association of Cooperating Local Basque Entities gathers all local experiences and labors for the development of solidary relationships with other local institutions, social organizations and communities. It’s conformed by 114 members, local representatives (mayors and councilors) of the southern territories of the Basque Country .

Jointly, Euskal Fondoa, the Association of Basques Municipalities (EUDEL) and the Basque government work together in order to strengthening the coordination of Basque Public Institutions and the complementarity of their efforts in the fields of international development cooperation, as well as the promotion of a cohesive image of Basque Public Cooperation.


Basque global Development Cooperation

Basque Cooperation Agency

Paul Ortega, director,

Twitter: @eLankidetza


Euskal Fondoa

Juanma Balerdi, director,

Twitter: @euskalfondoa1