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Latvian Association of Local and Regional Governments

The Latvian Association of Local and Regional Governments (LALRG), founded in 1991, is unifying on a voluntary principle the 119 local governments of Latvia. LALRG represents local governments in the negotiations with the Cabinet of Ministers and has a direct influence on developing local and regional policies.

The main aims of LALRG are to involve actively in the development of local and regional politics, solve the problems of local governments, as well as to defend their interests. The Association has implemented a range of different projects, including development cooperation, training and capacity raising projects, participation in international networks, etc.

LALRG is an active member of the Council of European Municipalities and Regions (CEMR) and the Innovation Circle. LALRG is responsible for coordination work of the Latvian delegation in the Committee of Regions and the Congress of Local and Regional Authorities of Europe.

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