Majorcan Fund for Solidarity and Cooperation

The Fons Mallorquí is a non-profit-making organization founded in 1993 by local (town councils, associations of municipalities and the Island Council of Majorca) and regional institutions (Government of the Balearic Islands) in order to coordinate and channel the annual contributions to development cooperation.

Its objectives are:

  • To manage economical resources through cooperation projects, in order to contribute efficiently to a comprehensive and self-sustainable development for people and communities in the South
  • To support initiatives from Majorcan institutions and bodies, in order to create, among the citizens, a view that favours a new international economic order
  • To promote a political and ethical commitment to the South and Human Rights
  • To stimulate an active and critical participation of population by means of campaigns and awareness activities on cooperation for development
  • To ensure that the Majorcan institutions allocate at least 0.7% of their budget to developing countries 

Main activities:

  • Development cooperation programs, in collaboration with municipalities in Nicaragua, Bolivia, Peru, Colombia, Burkina Faso and Morocco
  • Strengthening the links between the cities of Majorca and the municipalities of the South
  • Awareness-raising activities to promote responsible citizenship, participation and commitment to the fight against poverty and exclusion and the promotion of sustainable human development
General Riera, 113
07010 - Palma, Mallorca