PLATFORMA declaration on the EU Global Strategy and the 2030 Agenda

26 April 2016


In view of the upcoming presentation of the Global Strategy on Foreign and Security Policy and the future revision of the Agenda for Change, PLATFORMA:

  • calls on the European Union to work with local and regional governments in the design and implementation of EU external assistance programmes
  • stresses the importance of adopting a multi-stakeholder consultation mechanism for the definition and implementation of joint programmes in partner countries
  • insists that the Global Strategy cannot become merely a security strategy
  • stresses that the EU’s external action must adopt a local approach when addressing some of the most pressing challenges such as migration, conflict, humanitarian crises, and climate change

The European Parliament adopted the report on the new EU Global Strategy on Foreign and Security Policy at its April plenary sitting in Strasbourg.

The Global Strategy, which will be presented in June to Member States, aims at achieving a stronger and more effective EU foreign policy. It will replace the 2003 European Security Strategy. Since the latter’s adoption, the EU’s neighborhood has gone through dramatic changes, sparked off by the “Arab Spring” and the Syrian conflict.

Useful documents

6.2 PLATFORMA position paper on EU development policy and Global Strategy _P...pdf
The EU in a changing global environment_European Parliament report_April2016.pdf
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