Promoting gender equality in decentralised cooperation

8 March 2018

In Europe, as elsewhere in the world, gender equality is not a given. But what can be done? The new guide, “Promoting gender equality: towards a gender-based approach in decentralised cooperation projects”, written by the French Association of the Council of European Municipalities and Regions (AFCCRE) in the scope of its activities with PLATFORMA, brings concrete answers to this question.

Equality between women & men, girls & boys is a fundamental right and one of the European Union’s core values. It is a prerequisite and constitutive condition for sustainable development. Gender equality and the empowerment of women and girls is one of the  2015-2030  Sustainable  Development  Goals  (SDGs)  set  by  the  United  Nations  and promoting gender equality beyond its borders within the framework of its foreign policy is also a high priority for the European Union.

Equality between women and men is a major development challenge as it is both a goal in itself and a development tool. That is why this study is conceived as a tool to encourage local and regional governments to mainstream gender in their international development projects.

Some examples, given by the government of Catalonia and the Association of Flemish cities and municipalities (VVSG), are also included in the study.

This study – written by AFCCRE, in the scope of its PLATFORMA activities – has received support from the European Commission.

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