Reaching regional quality standards in water and sanitation services

15 December 2023

The Project “Regional Capacity Development Network for Water and Sanitation Services (RCDN), coordinated by GIZ and NALAS, organised the capacity development networking meeting focused on” Achieving excellence through Quality Standards for training delivery”.

Bringing together training managers of the RCDN network, partner local government associations, the association of Public Utility Companies, NALAS, the International Association of Water Service Companies (IAWD), and GIZ, the overall learning objective during the networking meeting from 12-14 December in Vienna consisted in advancing the quality of Capacity Development (CD) services provided for the Water and Sanitation Services (WSS) Sector by national associations.

To achieve the key result of reaching joint/regional Quality Standards (QSs) templates, the targeted specific learning objective were threefold:

  • To present and discuss with national associations the draft improved Quality Standards (QSs) templates for Training Delivery, serving as the foundation for joint finalisation
  • To discuss the potential alignment of joint/regional QSs templates for Training Delivery, considering the lessons learnt from their implementation by national associations
  • To agree on the RCDN+ Operational Plan for 2024

The participants were guided through topics related to the process of improving Quality Standards, pre-assessment process of Training Curriculum and Terms of Reference for Trainer, Training Agenda and Design and Training Evaluation, Trainers Performance Assessment, Training Report, to finally succeed in elaborating and approving the RCDN+ Operational Plan for 2024.

(Picture by Ivan Bandura on Unsplash)

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