The Pact of the Future: for people, planet and government

23 November 2022

The Pact for the Future of Humanity has been adopted by the UCLG World Council during its gathering on 14 October 2022 at the 7th UCLG World Congress in Daejeon, Republic of Korea. 

Representatives from local and regional governments and stakeholders from around the world participated in the plenary consultations around the three key axes of the Pact: people, planet, and government. Pledges toward each of these core areas were made on behalf of the UCLG members and the organized constituency of local and regional governments. This outcome document will guide the work of the UCLG, and it is a “historic commitment” to “the power of collective action”. 

The Pact for the Future of Humanity is grounded in a deep understanding and sense of responsibility from UCLG members of the critical role they should play to ensure “a more equitable and sustainable quality of life for citizens and communities, protecting their rights and global and local common goods while protecting the planet for future generations.” 

With the approval of the Pact, the organization has also reinforced its identity with the Feminist Municipal Movement, the universal “Right to the City for All,” the principles of gender equality and democracy, and its mission to put care at the center of local governance. 

The increasing relevance of UCLG in multilateral spaces, especially in the last decade, will continue to be a strategic goal, especially towards the UN Summit of the Future and the post-2030 development agendas. 

After its adoption, the UCLG World Council agreed to begin developing the monitoring framework for the Pact to ensure it becomes actionable and measurable. 

The intense and fruitful five-day discussions of the last week ended with a unifying message: “United Cities and Local Governments, an equality-driven movement, is committed to facilitating the space for local and regional leaders to make this world a reality. We need to do it for our common future. For the people, for the planet, and for the government.”

Read the Pact for the Future of Humanity here

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