Towards a new European Neighbourhood Policy

30 June 2015


A new European Neighbourhood Policy


  • should be based on unified fundamental principles and maintain a political dimension;
  • should apply a strategic territorial approach favouring macro-regional and multi-lateral territorial cooperation instead of division into East and South axes;



  • should include a focused objective on territorial governance and development and not become a security policy on behalf of the EU;
  • should be conceived in view of a closer association of partner countries;



  • should provide a flexible toolbox whilst striving for coherence with existing of instruments and policies;


Ownership and visibility

  • should emphasise a localised approach with institutional, economic and social dimensions and seek engagement with citizens, civil society and local and regional governments;

Useful documents

Joint Consultation Paper - Towards a new European Neighbourhood Policy.pdf
Towards a new European Neighbourhood Policy - PLATFORMA contribution.PDF
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