How towns, regions and their associations can speed up the 2030 Agenda

26 November 2019

After two studies with CEMR presenting the overview of the implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in Europe and with peers in the world, and emphasizing the pivotal role of national associations of local and regional governments in steering efforts, PLATFORMA presents a series of five recommendations for the way forward to achieving the SDGs by 2030. These are targeted to the EU institutions, including the European Commission and national governments.

1. Create an overarching post-2020 EU strategy based on the SDGs

2. Explicitly recognise the role of LRGs as policymakers and provide them with an equal seat at the table

3. Allocate funds and increase support dedicated to the localisation of the SDGs and learning between peers at EU and international level

4. Promote multilevel and multistakeholder partnerships as a prerequisite for implementation of the SDGs

5. Provide inclusive, transparent and available data to monitor progress at all levels of governance

Check the full position paper.

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Position paper on SDGs
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