UCLG Africa is recruiting a Deputy Secretary General

19 December 2016

UCLG Africa is launching a call for applications for the position of Deputy Secretary General. Deadline for applications: 27 January 2017. 

The position of Deputy Secretary General comes right after the one of Secretary General and the selected candidate will be in charge of the administration and management of UCLG Africa. He or She receives the necessary delegations of the Secretary General of the organization.


The Deputy Secretary General must strive to achieve UCLG Africa’s goals that it was created to reach:

  • Promoting decentralization and the recognition of local governments as a level of governance that is endowed with legal personality and political and financial autonomy;
  • Strengthening the capacity of local governments to provide better services to the population, and support and train the national associations of local governments to better organize themselves to ensure an effective political dialogue with national governments, civil societies, the private sector, the development partners, and the international community on the implementation and evaluation of decentralization and cooperation policies;
  • Carrying the voice of local authorities of Africa and representing them on the Pan-African and international levels.
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