UCLG GOLD VI research process for urban and territorial equality is bearing fruits

7 February 2022

UCLG GOLD VI new working papers are now available at the UCLG Global Observatory on Local Democracy and Decentralization’s website. They are officially launched during the KNOW Conference (7-10 February).

When the Durban World Summit of UCLG came to an end in 2019, our world organization reinstated its commitment to a more egalitarian world. No one then could have thought that the world would be turned upside down. The COVID-19 pandemic has exacerbated the deep inequalities and vulnerabilities that were present in our systems, and has raised many questions around what, if anything, can be done to recover better and fulfil our shared goals.

The UCLG Retreat in 2020 kickstarted the process for the development of the upcoming GOLD report, which is already reaching its sixth edition and will see the light during the UCLG World Congress that will be held in Daejeon, South Korea, on 10-14 October 2022. During these two years, our constituency has hammered home the motto of this whole process: local and regional governments will not tolerate inequalities to continue growing.

Since the beginning, and through a solid partnership between UCLG and the KNOW program (led by the University College London), hundreds of contributors from local and regional governments, civil society organisations, the academia, international partners and UCLG commissions and committees have exchanged around their needs, aspirations, knowledges and opportunities and those of the local populations around the world. Their goal: to jointly define the urban and territorial equality agenda and the six pathways that local and regional governments need to advance to bolster transformative change. These pathways are commoning, caring, connecting, renaturing, prospering and democratizing.

As an outcome of this exciting large-scale collaborative process, UCLG, the KNOW program and the contributors are now happy to present some of the Working Papers that are giving shape to this shared agenda. These are the full written contributions of the different stakeholders that have collaborated their thoughts and innovative research to the GOLD VI chapters. Part of a set of four series of working papers, they focus on the most critical aspects of inequalities in the different world regions, local governance principles and policy dimensions, unfolding an intersectional perspective that aims to leave no one and no place behind.

Check the newest working papers: 

Join the KNOW Conference and the UCLG Retreat (21-25 February), which will be critical venues for discussing the need for a bold advancement of equality in our cities and territories. Do not miss the conversation!

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