Promoting gender equality in the municipalities of Togo with AIMF

7 April 2023

The President of the association “la Faîtière des Communes du Togo” (FCT), Mrs. Yawa A. Kouigan, proceeded to the launch of a project to promote gender equality in the municipalities of Togo, on 28 March in Lomé. This project is supported by the International Association of Francophone Mayors (AIMF) and the European Union within the framework of their Strategic Partnership.

The 2-year work program is focused on strengthening municipal strategies for gender equality, and on the construction of pilot equipment for the fight against violence against women in the municipality of Ogou 1.

The President of the FCT underlined that the notable achievements in the promotion of women’s rights in Togo must be consolidated by a commitment of the municipalities to promote within the communities a consensual approach based on gender equality, on the economic empowerment of women and on the fight against gender-based violence.

This launching ceremony allowed the official installation of the project steering and coordination bodies.

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