Cités Unies France is actively involved after Cyclone Enawo hits Madagascar

21 March 2017

Cités Unies France, one of PLATFORMA’s partners, launched an initiative at the local and regional governments’ level to help Malagasy local governments affected by Cyclone Enawo. 

On 8 March, Cyclone Enawo swept through the Northern part of Madagascar and its capital city, Antananarivo, with winds up to 290 km/h, making it the most powerful cyclone since Giovanna in 2012. The death toll and damage caused by Enawo has worsened: more than 50 deaths, around 20 people missing, 110 693 displaced people and 65 331 people without shelter according to the national Bureau for the management of risks and catastrophes (BNGRC).

Cities Unies France felt particularly concerned by this catastrophe, as it manages more than 25 partnerships between French and Malagasy local and regional governments since 2005. The next bilateral meetings are scheduled to take place in Madagascar in autumn.

Cités Unies France decided to create an emergency fund to help the recovery phase of affected towns and villages and damaged public services, in collaboration with the relevant authorities.

An account has been set up for the “emergency fund of local authorities for Magadascar”. All local governments wishing to help can contact Simoné Giovetti, in charge of crises and rehabilitation (+33 1 53 41 81 87 or

Madagascar was already suffering from an intense drought that had caused a rise in the price of Madagascar’s staple food, rice, and food shortages, especially in the South, when Enawo swept through the island.

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