Find out all statistics on Local Government Finance in South-East Europe

24 January 2020

NALAS – the Network of Associations of Local Authorities of South-East Europe – has just published the first edition of its “Statistical Brief: Local Government Finance Indicators in South East Europe“. This publication provides policy-makers and analysts with timely, accurate, relevant, reliable and comparable data on local government finance in South-East Europe.

This statistical brief is the most comprehensive collection of statistical data available for the region with comparative data for EU 28 and OECD 35 related to South-East Europe Local Governments, Public Revenue, Expenditure and Investments. This is a combined effort of NALAS’ Fiscal Decentralisation Task Force.

Differently from NALAS traditional annual Fiscal Decentralisation Report, this “pocket size” practical booklet includes quantitative information only, in the form of tables and graphs allowing readers to quickly get an insight about local finances in one particular country and make regional comparisons with comparable data.

The report is structured in two main sections. The first part provides an overview of the size and structure of local governments in the region and regional comparisons on the status of national and subnational government finance in South-East Europe in 2018, including also data in million of € and in € per capita besides the “common” data express in percent. The second section shows the patters and evolution of national and subnational government revenues and expenditures for the period 2006-2018 through selected indicators of macro–economic performance and fiscal decentralisation.

Click here to download the full report.

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